Beyond The Walls

Book two

In the year 1921 Harold Deal Jr is born, the son of Harold and Mae Deal. Harold Jr becomes the focus of the Deal family saga in the second novel of the Looking Through Walls trilogy.

Beyond the Walls follows Harold Jr’s upbringing in Boston and New York. Like his father he shows academic talents and aspires to be a journalist. For the summer of 1939 Harold Jr lands an apprenticeship in London with The Daily Mail.

Harold Jr (aka HJ by his friends) is thrown into World War II as a member of the Belgian Resistance! How he got there in Western Europe early in the war from America is a question answered as this exciting story unfolds.

During the war HJ befriends another Resistance member, a woman. They eventually fall in love. But in the ravages of war, they struggle to remain together. Their individual Resistance assignments against the Nazis often keep them apart. On an assignment Harold’s true love is caught, arrested and sent to a prison work camp.

Harold becomes obsessed to find and rescue the woman of his dreams, but he has obligations for the Resistance and to fight for his own survival.

Facing the magnitude of so many obstacles can HJ and his beloved get back together? Do they? Find out by reading Beyond the Walls. Buy links coming soon.

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